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Sony enhances its 4K medical workflow with the first 4K surgical recorder, opening a new era for surgical workflow solutions

Sony enhances its 4K medical workflow with the first 4K surgical recorder, opening a new era for surgical workflow solutions

Sony Professional Solutions Europe is today announcing the launch of a Full 4K IP Solution for hospitals, allowing them to take advantage of the latest imaging technologies. The solution includes Sony’s new Medical 4K Recorder and Content Management System, which allow images to be viewed on-site, recorded, and managed over an Ethernet network using the recently announced and award-winning 4K surgical monitors (55” LMD-X550MD and 31” LMD-X310MD).

With technology advancing rapidly, the medical community increasingly requires high-quality visualisation solutions to support medical operations and other medical procedures. Delivering four times the resolution of HD, Sony’s 4K technology provides details when it matters most, and the new Medical 4K Recorder and Content Management System will be able to work in tandem to provide a fully 4K solution for medical professionals. Together the technologies offer a robust imaging system over IP, which is capable of supporting high-precision surgical procedures.

HVO-4000MT Medical 4K Recorder:

The new HVO-4000MT recorder is a 4K, 3D and 2D medical grade video recorder that's intended to record 4K video and still images from endoscopic and laparoscopic camera systems, surgical microscopes and other compatible imaging systems.

Images captured with the HVO-4000MT can be used for patient records, training or educational purposes. The compact, portable recorder is suitable for use in hospital operating rooms, medical imaging centres, surgical centres, clinics, doctors’ offices and similar healthcare environments.

The HVO-4000MT offers long-time recording on its internal hard disk drive. With an internal 4TB hard drive, it provides ample storage capacity even at 4K so that surgeons can record lengthy procedures without worrying about running out of disk space. Recorded videos can be exported to an external USB hard drive, flash memory or CIFS server via hospital networks for storage. Images can also be shared with other consultants and used for teaching purposes, and can be transported into the Content Management System.

The HVO-4000MT is designed to comply with medical safety standards and is optimised for medical applications. This equipment can capture prolonged high-quality video from high-resolution cameras focused on the operating field. By connecting the recorder to a network, images can be uploaded and viewed by other medical personnel outside of the operating room as well.

CMDS-MS20MD Content Management System

The new CMDS-MS20MD 4K-capable Content Management System enables network-based searching and management of recorded 4K video data from medical 4K recorders and other recording devices. The new application efficiently streamlines the storage, management and archive of 4K /HD medical video and still image files.

With the growing availability of medical cameras and video devices, a key issue is the effective management of content from a range of these sources. The CMDS-MS20MD offers an ideal solution. It can manage video content created by medical recorders such as the Sony HVO-4000MT, as well as providing video editing functionality. Streamed video content can also be captured live directly from connected IP cameras and live encoders.

Integrating smoothly with modern hospital IT environments, including EMR (Electronic Medical Records), the CMDS-MS20MD scales readily to accommodate a large number of connected recorders and client terminals. The server application runs in a Windows environment, while the client application runs in popular web browsers. Since the CMS-MS20MD complies with HIPAA*, data is stored securely, with access granted only to authorised individuals. With this new range of products capable of supporting IP-based handling of 4K video, Sony is moving to address a wide range of imaging needs now emerging in the medical arena.

The new 4K Surgical Recorder and the CMDS-MS20MD Content Management System are now available in Europe.

* The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 was enacted by the United States Congress.

2016040704 / 07.04.2016 / Остальное / SONY /

Высокопроизводительные карты памяти CFast серии G для профессиональных фотографов и видеооператоров
Высокопроизводительные карты памяти CFast серии G для профессиональных фотографов и видеооператоров
Компания Sony объявила о выпуске ряда высокопроизводительных карт памяти CFast, разработанных для профессиональных фотографов и видеооператоров. Новое устройство CFast серии G создано для работы cпостоянно совершенствующимисяцифровыми зеркальными камерами (ЦЗК) классапремиум и вещательными телекамерами, обеспечивающими изображение кинематографического качества с разрешением 4K.
Sony’s Network Video Management System Delivers Expanded Recording, Content Management and Monitoring
Network video recorder & Network video management software support all Levels of Network Camera Formats, including 4K
Sony’s Network Video Management System Delivers Expanded Recording, Content Management and Monitoring
Sony enhances its 4K medical workflow with the first 4K surgical recorder, opening a new era for surgical workflow solutions
Sony enhances its 4K medical workflow with the first 4K surgical recorder, opening a new era for surgical workflow solutions
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